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At Royal LePage Estate Realty, we take pride in being more than just a team of professionals – we're a family of award-winning realtors on a journey of growth together.

Ready to Elevate Your Real Estate Career?

Because at Estate Realty....

Our agents experience exceptional satisfaction, rating it at 6.82 out of 7.0, well above the industry norm of 5.70

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Our commitment to reliability sets us apart with a score of 6.88 out of 7, surpassing the industry norm of 5.90.

Our staff exhibit exceptional attentiveness, earning an impressive score of 6.76 out of 7, well above the industry norm of 5.87.

When you partner with Royal LePage, you are empowered with the best-in-class tools, services and support you need to build a successful and profitable real estate business. Our mission is to help you uncover untapped opportunities that will take your business and profitability to the next level. 


As a Royal LePage Estate Realty salesperson, you’ll be part of a brand that has set the standard in the Canadian real estate industry for over 110 years. In that time, Royal LePage has grown to be the nation’s largest real estate company, powered by innovative in-house technology and service offerings that outpace the competition.

10 Reasons to Join Us


New Agent,  New Real Estate Agent, Sales Representative, at Royal LePage Estate Realty. Join Estate Realty


Where you spend the first days and months of your career can make or break it. As a new agent, one of the most important considerations is selecting a brokerage that suits you and your unique needs.

Experienced Agent,  Experienced Real Estate Agent, Sales Representative, at Royal LePage Estate Realty. Join Estate Realty


Stagnating? Feeling stuck? Unhappy with your current situation? We can coach you and provide you the tools to bring your business to a whole new level. We’ve done it for many. Being associated with RLPE is a game changer for your clients and to attract new clients. 

Career Change Agent, Real Estate Agent, Sales Representative, at Royal LePage Estate Realty. Join Estate Realty


Thinking about becoming a real estate professional? Not sure if it’s for you? Read why a career in real estate may be right for you and how we can help you get started!

Join Estate Realty, Testimonials


Watch first-hand testimonials by Royal LePage Estate Realty Real Estate professionals as they discuss some of their main reasons for joining and staying with the brand.

Our Innovative Tools and Tech at Royal LePage Estate Realty.


RLPE offers a comprehensive set of tools ranging from our unique marketing and led generating tools, to a top in tech integrated platform, all complemented our dedicated professionalism

Read our Real Estate Blogs, Join Estate Realty

Check out our insights into the real estate industry, including answers to your top questions as a realtor encompassing thought leadership, branding, marketing, and how to grow your business.


Learn about our training services at Royal LePage Estate Realty

With a wealth of first-class training courses and personal coaching — both in person and virtual — your potential for growth and progress is limitless.



Royal LePage Estate Realty, Join Estate Realty
Thought Leadership, Chris Dnlop, Join Estate Realty, Royal LePage

Knowledge is power. We are committed to providing valuable insights and tips to help real estate professionals grow their business and succeed in the industry. 

Thought Leadership

Marketing and Branding services at Royal LePage Estate Realty

Marketing and branding are paramount to any real estate agent's success. We prioritize providing real estate professionals with helpful insight and tips to maximize their potential in this competitive industry.

Marketing and Branding

Professional Development, Training and service at Royal LePage Estate Realty

The best real estate professionals are those who are committed to excellence and who are always learning. Professional development is an essential component to an agent's success.

Professional Development



Elevate your real estate career with Royal LePage Estate Realty and experience the advantage of our three strategically positioned offices. As a Royal LePage Estate Realty agent, you gain access to three convenient hubs designed to amplify your success. Join us at Royal LePage Estate Realty, where our three prime locations not only enhance your accessibility but also cultivate a supportive environment for your professional growth and achievement.

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At Royal LePage Estate Realty, we believe in the transformative power of connection, and our success stories are born from meaningful conversations. Connect with us today and be inspired by the real success stories that unfold when passion meets expertise in the world of real estate.

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